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CHRONIES Series 1 - #3 White Fire OG [pins & hats]

Image of CHRONIES Series 1 - #3 White Fire OG [pins & hats]
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Tuck your chain in because the OG has arrived! Always connected and always lifted, White Fire OG [or Wifi OG as he's known in the streets] is always down for 2 things:

1. Smoking with his Chronies
2. Smoking with his Chronies

When he's not polishing his pieces, WiFi OG can be seen with the hustle, shining from a block away. Posted up with that undeniable grin, about to fire one up.


Pins - [Limited Edition of only 99 pins]
[Basic Version - X/85]
[Chromed out Variant - X/14]

Pins: 1.5"x1.5"
Double Post
Rubber Backing
Soft Enamel

Knitted hats - [Limited Edition Batch of only 20 hats]
Smoke Grey knitted hats featuring high quality stitch work