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CHRONIES Series 1 - #2 Girl Scout Cookies [pins & shirts]

Image of CHRONIES Series 1 - #2 Girl Scout Cookies [pins & shirts]
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Coming to you live with a fresh aroma of good times. This isn't just "Burning one with your homies", this is cheifing it up with your CHRONIES!

Get your Cookie money ready because this ain't your average Girl Scout! This earthy West Coast hybrid bud can now tag-along with you every step of the way. From the sesh to the fest you can rock your best tilll your last breath!

Pins - [Limited Edition of only 99]
[Basic Nugget Version - 85]
[Glow in the Dark "Dealers Choice" Variant - 14]
Shirts - [Limited Edition Batch of only 12 of each size]
Gildan Dry Blend High shirts with high quality digital prints

Pins: 1.5"x1.5"
Double Post
Rubber Backing